Seamless Footwear Application

2018/9/6 19:26:16
Seamless Footwear Application

Seamless Footwear Appli


Hot melt adhesive film for seamless footwear

This hot melt adhesive film is suitable for high frequency or heat press bonding of seamless upper, shoe edge.

Applicable materials: leather, sandwich mesh, nylon mesh, TPU, PVC, microfiber, textiles, fabrics.

This product is solid film with release paper, no stickiness at normal temperature (Note: for small area positioning requirements, It can also be sticky on one side and non-stick on the other side.  the thickness of the film is uniform, and it can be heated and bonded twice or more times. It has strong bonding fastness (destructive) and water washing resistance. Instead of sewing, it can be bonded by hot pressing and has been widely used in the footwear industry.

Easy to operate, no need to manually brush a lot of glue, it can be die-cut or hot-rolled composite in a batch, smooth without wrinkles, less scrap rate.

The operating temperature can be selected between 120-160 degrees. And it can pass the high and low temperature environment test. It is a combination of polymer materials, non-toxic, non-irritating odor, free of heavy metals, in line with ROHS, REACH, California 65 directive and halogen-free requirements.

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