Hot melt film for lithium battery packaging

2019/7/5 9:22:01
Hot melt film for lithium battery packaging

Hot melt film for lithi

The main application is: lithium battery aluminum sheet cover nylon cell thermal packaging.
Process: hot-melt adhesive film is hot-rolled onto aluminum sheet (continuous hot-rolling mode). The aluminum sheet of the superior hot-melt adhesive is pressed into the size of lithium battery and bent into the size of lithium battery.
This product is a solid film, free paper, non-viscous at room temperature (note: for small area positioning needs, can also have a sticky side non-viscous side), the thickness of the adhesive layer uniform, can be twice or many times hot press bonding.
This process is easy to operate, without a large number of manual brush glue, no manual positioning, operating temperature is low, will not affect the battery cell circuit.
Can withstand high and low temperature ring test, can resist drop and drum test. It is a polymer material combination, non-toxic, no pungent odor, no heavy metal, in line with ROHS, REACH, California 65 directive and halogen free requirements.
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