Mobile Power Package Applications

2019/4/25 14:00:49
Mobile Power Package Applications

Mobile Power Package Ap


Mobile power supply, hot melt adhesive film for charging treasure package

This product is developed and produced in place of 3M615.

The main purposes are: thermal bonding of the battery core of the mobile power source to the mobile power supply case, thermal packaging of metal (aluminum, iron, copper, stainless steel, alloy, etc.), plastic (PC+ABS, ABS, etc.) .

Process: The hot melt adhesive film is punched into the shape of the product, hot pressed to the desired bonding part by the mold, the release paper is peeled off, and the material to be bonded on the other side is subjected to the second hot pressing and then immediately cooled. Pressure (accelerated curing of hot melt adhesive).

The hot melt adhesive film of this product is solid film, pay-off type paper, no stickiness at normal temperature (Note: for small area positioning requirements, it can also be sticky side without stickiness), the glue layer is even and thin, can be two or more times Hot-press bonding, hot-melt rubber pellets are oval-shaped, amber, with very good fluidity and adhesion, convenient for dispensing.

The process is convenient to operate, does not require a large amount of manual brushing, and does not require manual alignment, short operation time, low temperature, and does not affect raw materials.

It can withstand high and low temperature ring test, and can resist drop and roller test. It is a combination of polymer materials, non-toxic, non-irritating odor, free of heavy metals, in line with ROHS, REACH, California 65 directive and halogen-free requirements.

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