Application of Seamless Sports Arm Bag

2019/7/4 10:16:07
Application of Seamless Sports Arm Bag

Application of Seamless

Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Seamless Sporting Arm Bag

A special hot melt adhesive film was developed for hot pressing of the arm bag for seamless motion.

The film has good hand feel and resilience and moderate construction temperature.
Applicable laminating materials: Lycra, Jiaji, TPU mirror, nylon magic hook, PVC, Tedron, diving materials and other possible components of arm bags.

This product is solid film-like, release paper, non-sticky at room temperature (Note: for small area positioning requirements, but also a sticky side without stickiness), 

the thickness of the adhesive layer is uniform, can be twice or multiple hot-pressing bonding.

Easy to operate, no need for a large number of manual brushing, die-cutting can also be rolled in batches, flat without wrinkles, less scrap rate.

Operating temperature can be selected between 60 and 130 degrees. And can withstand high temperature 85 degrees, low temperature - 20 degrees of environmental testing. 

It is a combination of polymer materials, non-toxic, non-irritating odor, no heavy metals, and meets ROHS, REACH, California 65 Directive and halogen-free requirements.

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