IC Card SIM Card Bank Card Package Application

2019/4/25 14:02:52

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The contact IC card is generally manufactured by embedding a microelectronic chip (epoxy contact surface) in a PVC plastic card, and the hot melt adhesive film can well press and hold the microelectronic chip and the plastic card. The firmness.

This hot-pressing film is suitable for thermal packaging and thermocompression of IC cards, SIM cards, bank cards, smart cards (contact type). It is a medium-temperature hot-melt tape. The glue itself has strong cohesive force and good flexibility to ensure that the tensile and bending tests after bonding do not cause structural fracture, and at the same time maintain a balanced bond strength with the chip and the card base. It is more practical than ordinary products and can endure various practical possible damage factors. Excellent temperature resistance. One of the outstanding features is that the open temperature range of the glue is wider than that of the general product (including imported products). This feature determines the user equipment temperature to have a certain error under the condition of ensuring the bond strength. Meets the requirements of the ISO7816 standard for chip package fastness.


   ●White Glassine release paper

   ● glue layer amber

   ● 29 mm wide, 100 m long, core inner diameter 3 inches

   ● greater than 90N bond strength (thrust)

   ●Pre-welding temperature 120-140 degrees Celsius, package temperature 160-200 degrees Celsius

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