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PUR Moisture Curing Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive

  • Bonding Range: Used for bonding plastics such as PC, ABS, PVC, etc. with metals such as aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Application: Material bonding in the 3C electronics industry.

Construction process: dispensing machine dispensing - assembly - cold pressing bonding - holding pressure - static curing.

Instructions and features:

1, Drain the nozzle air before use.

2, According to the properties of the glue, the tooling is carried out within the effective time range, and the structure after the tooling is recommended to be cold pressed.

3, Do not exceed continuous heating time of 6H, do not repeat heating more than 2 times.

4, If the heating time is too long, the top of the heat conductive hose may be crusted, and the crust will continue to be used.

5, Hot melt adhesive: equipment glue, can be automated production, high efficiency.

Customizable: open time, initial strength, consistency.

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